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Our Team

Emma Lawson

Finance Director / Transport Manager

Emma first got her PSV licence at the age of 18. She worked for the company for a year before taking some time out to have her daughter. She later re-joined the company in September 2014 where she worked for a number of years a driver, then HR Manager and in 2018 Emma took her CPC Transport Managers Course, shortly after she became Finance Director, Emma now works alongside her father, William, running the day to day logistics. 

William Lawson

Managing Director

The company was started by William Lawson in July 2007 after being made redundant from his post as The Senior Driving Instructor for Stagecoach East.

William has been driving buses & coaches since 1985. He has an extreme knowledge & experience and is highly regarded within the Passenger Transport industry.

William overseas all areas within the business and still likes to get out there transporting his customers.

Jane Lawson

Transport Manager / Director

Jane is one of the companies Transport managers. Jane passed her PSV test when she was 40 Years old. She came onboard within the company in 2013 where she did the main running of the office. Unfortunately Jane suffered ill health in 2018 and now does a more non customer facing role within the company overseeing vital transport requirements.